Review: PERNICION – Seek What They Sought

Year of release: 2019
Released by: Osmose Productions
Rating: 7,9 / 10

Osmose Productions hit the bull's eye by picking up the debut release of this duo from United Kingdom. The played by PERNICION is Metal of Death in a very authentic form. It is not just heavy and furious, it is also truly dark and sinister. This is really music of death. The compositions are written according to an interesting algorithm: their foundations are as simple as a stick, but the weather is made up of nuances in the form of numerous atmospheric additions — dark discordant riffs, painful tremolos, and weird infernal melodies. The band is keeping the balance between the one and the other, so the songs, seemingly uncomplicated, penetrate deeply into the mind. A very good sound quality is quite helpful in this situation. Suddenly, the sound is made in the studio, known for working with some catastrophic horseshit like BLEEDING THROUGH. It's hard to believe, but the high-quality modern recording, with loud basses and other hi-fi shit, doesn’t dispel the cavernal darkness around the music at all. It remains to add that the vocals on “Seek What They Sought” are also good: devoid of distinctive features, but an extremely powerful roar. Great EP.

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