34th part of short reviews.

GJENDØD – Krigsdøger
Year of release: 2018
Released by: Hellthrasher Productions
Rating: 5,6 / 10

Norwegian “Black” Metal. Again. I have no idea how this piece of work attracted the attention of two good publishers at once - Darker Than Black and Hellthrasher. Probably, with a cover. In the best moments, “Krigsdøger” reminds BURZUM on “Belus” and “Umskiptar”, but with a dull aura and without good music. The rest is mostly shit. The sound is bad, the vocals are disgusting. Sometimes you can find good fragments of music, I give them that. But this does not save the third-rate album from the coming oblivion, which seems inevitable to me.

MALOKARPATAN – Cesta podzemnými sálami Kovovlada
Year of release: 2018
Released by: Sun & Moon Records
Rating: 6,7 / 10

Seven-inch from the stern men from Slovakia participating in ALGOR, KROLOK and other good bands. This band's image instantly refers to ROOT, MASTER’S HAMMER, NIFELHEIM and TORMENTOR, but for this release it’s hard to say how big the similarity really is. The first track on the record is a strange ambient piece about something big and evil, crawling somewhere deep under ground. The second is no less underground and harsh, but metallic this time. A simple mid-tempo thing with sinister keyboard parts, musically reminiscent of old BATHORY and MASTER’S HAMMER, leaves a good impression, but a weak aftertaste. Need to listen more to understand if it's really that good. 

Year of release: 2017
Released by: Signal Rex
Rating: 5 / 10

Super-tipped Finnish metal about everything and all that. Very reminiscent of a wave of American “Black” Metal of about a decade ago: not only indigestible sound with parts and instruments vocalized to the same level, but also music insanely bloated from pathos and self-importance, behind which gray emptiness is most likely hidden. The album is characterized by a cold and brutal atmosphere of total devastation, this is true, but it tired me by the middle of the first 17-minute track. To sustain three more pieces of the same crap is not easy.

TOXIK ATTACK – Assassinos em Série
Year of release: 2019
Released by: Helldprod Records
Rating: 5,3 / 10

Another meaningless pseudo-old school thrash in the vein of VIOLATOR and shit. Cheerful and melodic nonsense with a thin sound could be fine while you are in the certain mood, if not the vocalist. His gimmicks and disgusting squeals are really shameful to listen to. Fukk it.

PALE DIVINE – Pale Divine
Year of release: 2018
Released by: Shadow Kingdom Records
Rating: 6 / 10

Traditional Doom Metal from USA which has a powerful aftertaste of typically American groove metal, even though they are trying to present this as BLACK SABBATH and PENTAGRAM influence. For the fans of very specific style of music. Not for me.

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