Review: POWER FROM HELL – Devil’s Whorehouse

Year of release: 2015
Released by: Hells Headbangers Records
Rating: 7,2 / 10

Brazilian band POWER FROM HELL enjoying it's minute of fame right now, because ts new - and, according to reviewers, excellent - album has just been released on High Roller Records. But so far I have only reached the previous record, released by Hells Headbangers in 2015. POWER FROM HELL play music about which I never get tired of writing, just as I never get tired of listening to it: the old type of black thrash in the vein of BATHORY etc. As a rule, the goals, objectives, advantages and disadvantages of such albums are almost identical, therefore it is not always possible to accumulate thoughts for a full review. But "Devil’s Whorehouse" has a couple of interesting features. For example, it has a strange property, which is noted by other listeners as well - is not at all impressive on the first attempt. Actually, this is the reason why I delayed with a review of this album for so long. The first audition of “Devil’s Whorehouse” leaves a very negative impression: something gray, lifeless, like a dead mouse. But one has only to give the album another chance, and everything is transformed. You ask yourself how it was possible to skip this cool analog sound, not to pay attention to strong songs, to ignore the darkness reigning over all?

Darkness is the defining element of the album. Here you can find a very specific kind of it, "Under the Sign of Hell" kind/ Most of the songs are performed rather in the vein of BULLDOZER and SABBAT, but where the Italians and Japanese were just fooling around, Brazilians make serious faces - at the expense of this particular veil of darkness, passed to them from BATHORY. Therefore, despite the vigorous style of play, and frivolous texts, “Devil’s Whorehouse” is perceived almost as a real Black Metal album. MIDNIGHT leader has probably already gone to shit from hiccups, but I will mention him again as a bad example: with his hoarse howls and the inept use of viciously sounding riffs, he demonstrates how not you shouldn't create darkness in your music. POWER FROM HELL, on the contrary, are exemplary in this regard. Their sound is almost perfectly smooth and stable, but the darkness just oozes out of their hands. True Metal of Old, really.

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