41st part of short reviews.

BLOODLUST – Black Mass
Year of release: 2019
Released by: Iron, Blood and Death Corporation
Rating: 7 / 10

Latin Satanic Thrash / Speed Metal, possessing all traditional attributes. From a couple of hundreds of identical albums that I have listened to in recent years, this one is not better nor worse. Cheerful songs, mad lyrics, right sound, wild cover - what else do you need? Buy it - you will not regret. Also, I advise you to listen to the thing “Demonized Wheels”.

NOCTAMBULIST – Atmospheres of Desolation
Year of release: 2019
Released by: Blood Harvest
Rating: 7 / 10

Chaotic Death Metal in the vein of ULCERATE, late GORGUTS and so on. It has the same oppressive atmosphere, but, according to a subjective impression, it is simpler for perception. In recent years, I rarely feel the desire to listen to such music, so I have nothing more to say. The album is good, but how good it is not for me to judge.

TERRAVORE – Unforeseen Consequences
Year of release: 2017
Released by: Stormspell Records
Rating: 5,8 / 10

The publishers of the CD version of this album proudly stand for “Old Fart Stuck in the 80s and Proud of It”. I respect this position, but, in my opinion, they are too mired in thrash, positioning the “Unforeseen Consequences” as the “Eastern European response to the early KREATOR, REVENANT, BRUTALITY, and so on.” Reviewers go even further by seriously comparing this album with “Hell Awaits”, for example. Excuse me, but this is the most banal pubertal thrash of the American type, where people sing about stupid shit like infringement of freedoms, nuclear apocalypses and toxic avengers. It is difficult to find music so empty in terms of content. And to listen to it for the sake of compositions as such ... well, the Bulgarians do not offer anything that would not have been played a thousand times before, and more vigorously. I see no point in the existence of this disk. The album goes to someone's (not mine; I don't need it even for free) far shelf to be covered in dust together with VIOLATOR, BIO-CANCER, SUICIDAL ANGELS, HAVOK and other hollow bands.

Year of release: 2017
Released by: Transcending Obscurity Records
Rating: 7,8 / 10

First-class atmospheric Doom / Death Metal from Australia. So good that I almost decided to write a full-length review on it, but after a couple of listenings I gave up on this idea. The album still lacks something, but you definitely need to listen to it. In addition to the complex and interesting compositions, underlined by funeral keyboards, “Leaden Light” stands out with genuine melancholy, along with a contemplative detachment. I will not compare it to some classic works from the 90s, as this would offend the album’s self-sufficiency, but the feelings from it are really very nostalgic.

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Season of Mist
Rating: 7 / 10

Progressive Death Metal that should delight fans of guitar frills and Mike Portnoy throwing his drum sticks in the air. Of course, I'd rather listen to the same album of ILDJARN twenty times, than this, but one can not but admit that the band coped well with it's task. The closest analogue in music is probably “Individual Through Patterns”. However, I was most interested in vocals that is almost as variable as instrumental parts. Good stuff.

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