Review: ANCIENT MOON – Benedictus Diabolica, Gloria Patri

Year of release: 2019
Released by: Iron Bonehead Records
Rating: 8,3 / 10

The second album of one of the best contemporary Black Metal bands is something worth putting aside all things, as well as a certain amount of money. I will not repeat the story of my passion for the work of a mysterious trio performing exactly the music that almost every one of us imagines when he hears the phrase “Black Metal”. On the new album, ANCIENT MOON offer the same stuff as on their debut, but the band clearly approached the creation of the material with a different standards. The stunning debut "Vvtvre", somehow released by Satanath Records, had a dirty, illegible sound, where it was really difficult recognize any parts of the instruments - and this decision created powerful effect of being present on some kind of unholy sacrament, touching the otherworldly matters, acquaintance with dark cosmic mysteries. The ritual (in this case, the word is appropriate) performed on the split with PROSTERNATUR last year was a little less sinister, although still as impressive.

On “Benedictus Diabolica, Gloria Patri”, ANCIENT MOON decided that it is time to get out of the basements and occupy the whole room, to do a big thing. The album immediately makes it clear that this time we will deal with professional sound. The result, of course, is predictable - most of the necrotic atmosphere immediately disappeared. Sadly. But there is a positive point - the band as not forgotten how to play monumental riffs. And I I did not learn to clearly explain what is so special about them. From the point of view of the compositional structures, ANCIENT MOON material is as old as the world - early MAYHEM, ONSKAPT and other occult bands of smaller caliber played dozens and hundreds of albums in the same style. Traditional tremolo, good dynamics, incessant gloomy synthesizer in the background - the simplest recipe. However, in all this there is a certain zest, by which ANCIENT MOON is recognized unmistakably. The band is not so peculiar to recognize it from a couple of chords, but in a minute and a half listening to any of the two tracks on this album, you will definitely determine that this is ANCIENT MOON. Finding your way into the vast ocean of occult Black Metal is also a great achievement. I have not had such a feeling of the presence of pure evil behind me since I was a young student, when I listened to DARK FUNERAL, considering them the apotheosis of true Black Metal. However, I am sure that dirtier sound fits ANCIENT MOON better.

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