Review: PRESSOR – Weird Things

Year of release: 2018
Released by: addicted labelVoron NEST / Bad Road Records
Rating: 6,3 / 10

The last (I breathe a sigh of relief, anticipating a return to my favorite examples of orthodox Satanism and radical paganism) CD from Nameless Label promo pack is a a half-hour EP of Russian band PRESSOR, released in 2018. On it, the band plays an almost perfectly balanced mixture of stoner metal and sludge metal, diluted with additional substances. Almost all cards are revealed from the beginning of the second track - peppy stoner riffs are performed in a very heavy, saturated with negative vibrations, sludge sound, accompanied by moderately aggressive vocals. The pace is quite high - you can’t call it doom metal. In the most intense fragments, the result resembles rather some angry American groove metal, or even hardcore. From time to time, for example, the ominous parts of the synthesizer, more characteristic of all kinds of retro-occultists, obsessed with the sound of a church organ, meet in a dialogue of music with the listener. On the third track, the synthesizer in the background plays something noisy-cosmic, more appropriate for this album.

In “Weird Things”, I liked the strong rhythmic patterns most of all, which is strange to hear on the release devoted to - no suprises here - marijuana smoking bullshit. Neither do you have a viscous riffing for 10 minutes, nor a smelly smoky air. The EP moves like a good fighter, sharply and menacingly. Probably, this fighter so far cleanses the body with acid, and it causes his aggression. Needless to say, this music shakes the listener. From the stage, this material should sound just awesome.

This EP was released by three labels in hilariously limited quantity - 50 copies only. It is clear that sales of music on discs are not particularly encouraging now, but it is somehow too Aeon of Horus-like. The format is a simple digipack with psychedelic art, without lyrics. Details on a video. It's weird, but the release is still available at Nameless Label bandcamp.


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