Review: WIGRID – Entfremdungsmoment

Year of release: 2019
Released by: Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions
Rating: 8 / 10

My attitude to WIGRID is riddled with pretty strong nostalgia. More than 10 years ago, “Hoffnungstod” and “Die Asche eines Lebens” were one of the first extreme metal albums that I listened to, along with mandatory Black and Death Metal classics. Being an honest clone of BURZUM, the German project had the same impact on me as the work of Varg Vikernes. Today it is quite obvious that WIGRID is quite far from BURZUM in many respects, but this doesn't prevent me from taking WIGRID's CDs from the shelf again.

Release of “Entfremdungsmoment”, admittedly, came as a complete surprise to me. Friends talked about some announcements, but I missed everything, and therefore for a long time considered the stupid 2014' split the last insult of WIGRID. Amazingly, “Entfremdungsmoment” is almost like a POSSESSED comeback, only in the realm of depressive metal. Although this is not such an important event, and the gap between the albums is only 14 years old, but still... WIGRID managed to recreate almost everything best from the first two full-lengths. The conditional exit from the Kittelsen forests into the black and white gloom of the night cities did not affect the sound in any way. WIGRID's melancholy has remained too honest to not be believed. This is not for lovers of screeching faggots with urine-smelling bangs. No drunken tantrums from lifelovers, hypothermias and other kalls. The roots of WIGRID's deep longing lie in the same source of grief as other honored artists - the already mentioned BURZUM, FORGOTTEN WOODS, ABYSSIC HATE, STRID. Any person can associate with this melancholy in a some period, not only insignificant piece of junkie shit with scratched wrists.

The musical techniques of WIGRID were preserved so well, as if all these years were in a jar filled with formalin. All the same leisurely atmospheric riffs, inconsolable vocals in the distance, the simplest drums and purely Burzumic ambient in the vein of “Hvis Lyset Tar Oss” and “Filosofem”. There is, as before, a separate ambient track for 11 minutes and a little. By the way, 5 out of 6 tracks hang around the 10-minute mark. Interestingly, the construction of riffs in the title thing is very similar to DRUDKH. However, I am almost sure that this is a coincidence. The sound of the album is also made in the spirit of old releases. A little cleaner, but still old-fashioned, as if it's still mid 90s. Great!

I do not know how many modern listeners remember / know about WIGRID. I am almost convinced that “Entfremdungsmoment” will not stir up the underground swamp - everyone will continue to discuss these "funny" clones of fucking BATUSHKAS. And therefore I even more strongly recommend to you, reader, give a listen to this album. You won't be disappointed.


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