48th part of short reviews.

KAPALA – Termination Apex
Year of release: 2019
Released by: Dunkelheit Produktionen
Rating: 8 / 10

Chaotic Black Death Metal from India, glorifying the nuclear genocide of mankind. Dirty recording, indistinguishable vocals, ruthless drum blasting and an authentic atmosphere filled with lead dust and killer fumes that make you vomit the lungs before an inevitable death. For fanatics of DEIPHAGO, REVENGE, TETRAGRAMMACIDE, etc.

WINTERWOLF – Lycanthropic Metal of Death
Year of release: 2019
Released by: Svart Records
Rating: 6 / 10

This Finnish group has an interesting story: formed in 1997, after 4 years it was transformed into the notorious DEATHCHAIN, but in 2006 it was resurrected as a separate entity. The previous WINTERWOLF album was released as much as 10 years ago, however I can't say that what I've heard is a result of 10-years long hard work. The album offers absolutely canonical Swedish Death Metal. Not a single outstanding thing can be found here, except, perhaps, the main theme. Sound, atmosphere, compositional tricks - everything is as always. If you’re not tired of such music, give it a try. I recommend it to the fans of ENTOMBED, GRAVE, DISMEMBER and all these bands with participation of Kam Lee or / and Rogga Johansson.

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Amor Fati Productions
Rating: 5,3 / 10

MÚSPELLZHEIMR is a cult project in certain circles, which is no wonder, since all the signs of "cult" are evident here: traditionality, anonymity, raw authentic sound, proper old-fashioned aesthetics. I myself was eager to get acquainted with the work of the Danish formation, but “Raukn”, in general, disappointed me. Hell if I know what is this album all about; lyrics were not delivered to the promo version, and the songs are nameless. The music is average: most of the riffs are half-assed, and even good atmospheric sound can't hide it. The only thing that worked out well is rare melodic fragments. But the overall picture is best described by the word "incoherence". I won't say that this album was a complete waste of time, but I no longer intend to return to it. I believe, by the way, that the same musician is staying behind the GEISTAZ’IKA project. If so, it's better to listen to its debut album 10 times more instead of "Rakun".

TRIUMVIR FOUL – Urine of Abomination
Year of release: 2019
Released by: Invictus Productions
Rating: 6,5 / 10

Strong Death Metal about urinating on the triune face of our Lord Saviuor, and so on. ASH BORER members' project. Everything is cool - traditional riffs, one hundred percent “iron” sound of roaring guitars, explosive drums and vocalist's throat. But I must say that there is too fucking many of such releases recently, so “Urine of Abomination” gives an excuse only to shake your head approvingly, and then go further and forget about this record. The chance for a closer acquaintance with the band is given by the CD and LP versions of the album, containing 2014' demo as a bonus.

Year of release: 2019
Released by: Darker Than Black Records
Rating: 6,7 / 10

Swedish old-school metal from participants of DRAUG, GRAV, SVARTRIT, HÄDANFÄRD. It evokes strong associations with something from around 1997, with a castle on the front cover. Don't know why. My impressions are somewhat mixed. Part of the music is magnificent, other part is mediocre, the sound is generally incomprehensible: it is very atmospheric and nocturnal, but at the same time completely hollow and weak. Nevertheless, as a result, I still tend to a positive opinion. t’s probably impossible to love this album, but it’s still better than some "perfect" computed-made piece of shit.

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