Review: REIDO – Anātman

Year of release: 2019
Released by: Aesthetic Death
Rating: 8 / 10

Another good novelty of Belarusian metal this year is the fresh album of REIDO from Minsk that has been in work for a few years. My relationship with REIDO music did not work out so far: “F: \ all” and “-11” seemed to me too sludgy and tecnhnogenic, (the latter also included elements of math metal, which in principle is an indicator of too far thinking). There was also an album from the RE123 + project, which, of course, is anonymous, but for some reason I am absolutely sure that this is the work of REIDO; it went into quite extravagant wilds (although the current publisher of the band would probably like this, haha).

“Anātman” turned out to be, perhaps, the most unpretentious of REIDO's works, and this attracted me. On it, the band plays funeral Death Doom Metal, free from experimental shit. The greatest liberty is eastern motives in the second song. However, it is far from traditional Doom. REIDO music does not have grief in the vein of EVOKEN, FUNERAL or ATARAXIE. It has no emotion at all. It is alienated, but at the same time not completely dead or spacy, like ESOTERIC. It is similar to a huge piece of cold iron through which a powerful electric current passes. The sound of the guitars vibrates, creating a field of negative energy around it, making the hair on your hands stand. In this regard, REIDO's music is still technogenic, creating a picture of a godless post-apocalyptic world, covered in a crust of molten rock. This is not a universal cemetery, but the end is inevitable. Those who survive will eke out a miserable, suffering existence. Machines will live longer - the radio interference of their voices will be carried under an empty gray sky, until time exudes their steel in dust.

Anātman”, without a doubt, is a success. This is a large, powerful and very high-quality album, an hour-long listening of which leaves exactly the impression that a funeral doom should leave: a feeling of emptiness, hopelessness, inescapable cold. Its musical monochromy convinces better than any words and pictures. My total recommendations!

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