Review: BÜTCHER – 666 Goats Carry My Chariot

Year of release: 2019
Released by: Osmose Productions
Rating: 8,5 / 10

Despite the mysterious addiction to mediocre hogwash which is positioned as the modern “Norwegian Black Metal”, Osmose Productions remains a strong label that does not forget to regularly reprint its classics and release new good albums. “666 Goats Carry My Chariot” from the Belgians BÜTCHER is one of those. Once again I am convinced that Belgium with its people and lifestyle that seemed very measured and comfortable to me, is not as simple as it looks. I have not heard so many metal bands from Belgium, but each of them is wonderful.

BÜTCHER is easy to confuse with some wild Latin Americans - just look at the names of albums and songs, such as “45 RPM Metal” or “The Blakk Krusader”. In general, everything is really similar: the Belgians play the frantic Thrash Speed ​​Metal without shame and conscience. The difference is made by the approach: where Latinos stripping their idols legacy to a bare skeleton, BÜTCHER try to mix their multiple influences with with something of their own, to create material as original as it is classic. The music is well thought out, but no more than it should. Some Germans (not DIABOLIC NIGHT) would probably jerk their songs off and discuss the next transition until the album turned into a "perfect" and absolutely bland product, a mockery of the old school of metal instead of a tribute. I hate this fucking German conjunctural crap. Happily, BÜTCHER got a good sense of measure: a dirty sound, mad lyrics and a fantastic, flaming energy. Thanks to the frantic speed and similar manner of performance, the Belgians remind me of my beloved DEATHHAMMER. However, their music is much more saturated with the Heavy Metal melody. The lead guitar plows like crazy.

The first half of the album consists of continuous straight-to-your-face hits, and then, when it starts to seem a little predictable, the 9-minute title track of a fundamentally different character begins: unhurried, epic, almost bathory-like greatness. In the middle of the track you can find a delightful mini tribute to KING DIAMOND. It seems that if the King will die, it will be possible to quietly make up R Hellshrieker for him and confidently proclaim - long live the King! And the other BÜTCHER musicians seem to be able to play the KING DIAMOND parts quite authentically. The final segment of the album is not as crazy as the first half, but more dynamic and inventive in terms of the development of compositions.

Of course, the whole of 2020 is yet to come, but I suspect that one of the best albums of the year has already arrived in a chariot drawn by 666 goats. I recommend it to all fans of the infernal galloping metal.


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