52nd part of short reviews.

GOATBLOOD – Apparition of Doomsday
Year of release: 2019
Released by: Dunkelheit Produktionen
Rating: 6,6 / 10

The new album of the German band (there is also an Australian one with the same name), which, as far as I know, influenced our local goat metal hord BONEHAMMER. The press release states that GOATBLOOD allegedly showcases interesting new movements within the framework of “Bestial Metal”, but I didn’t notice anything like that. The music is very diligent clone of ARCHGOAT, and the only thing that stands out is rare melodic fragments and short atmospheric sketches on the main themes of individual songs. Listen to this album or skip it - the effect will be the same.

BLOSSE – Nocturne
Year of release: 2018
Released by: Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum
Rating: 5 / 10

A solo project in the style of “Quebec metal” from, in fact, Quebec. The local metal scene as a phenomenon appeals to me very much, but for several years I did not find not a single one good album on it. Quebec musicians have adequate ideas and the right sources of inspiration (the same BLOSSE, for example, recorded an entire album of covers on DRUDKH, HATE FOREST and PAYSAGE D’HIVER), but some important ingredient is lost along the way from thought to action. “Nocturne”, like the rest of Quebec metal, is an attempt to create something so cold, atmospheric and archaic, but it’s attemptthat always ends with yet another completely unconvincing French-speaking slobber, for some reason adored by all kinds of “atmospheric" freaks. I guess I don’t understand something, but for me the real atmospheric metal is DRUDKH, WALKNUT or even SAOR, but BLOSSE or FORTERESSE are simply feces. One way or another, the new edition from ATMF, which was sent to me for a promotion, contains two full-length albums on one disc at once - the mentioned “Nocturne” and the debut “Era noire”. Both are equally dull, so if you want to spend 70 minutes of life in vain - be my guest.

AGGRESSIVE PERFECTOR – Havoc at the Midnight Hour
Year of release: 2019
Released by: Dying Victims Productions
Rating: 7,8 / 10

The young American band whose name refers to SLAYER, plays a slightly different music, reminiscent of MIDNIGHT in the best moments (where Athenar gives a motor head, and does not try to make an evil face). Plus a bit of retro devilishness. It's cheerful, fervent, with cool solos and songs that you want to sing along with, despite the raucous vocals. The sound is quite modern, but at the same time real, vibrating. In this regard, Dying Victims always has everything at the highest level. The design is amazing. Cool!

DEATH WOLF – IV: Come the Dark
Year of release: 2019
Released by: Blooddawn Productions
Rating: 5,1 / 10

The praised project with the participation of Morgan from MARDUK, despite the remarkable initial DANZIG influences, turned out to be a terribly stupid metal rock with an indescribably nauseating double vocal track. Some dark energy is inherent in the album, but everything else is just a pile of shit. Even worse than "Viktoria".

NACHTIG – Nachtig
Year of release: 2019
Released by: Purity Through Fire
Rating: 5,5 / 10

In the past Blitz, I reviewed the album of VALOSTA VARJOON, another project featuring the creator of Nachtig. That project very loudly declared the musician’s passion for the Finnish scene, but it turned out that he also had NACHTIG and COSMIC BURIAL, which simply screams of love to COSMIC CHURCH. Of course, focusing on COSMIC CHURCH is an extremely laudable endeavor, but the fact is that the Finnish project was a completely unique phenomenon with an inimitable ideology and a deeply personal approach to playing music, which cannot be repeated, even if you dress in hoodies and draw triangles in the logo until the end of your life. NACHTIG is COSMIC CHURCH without everything that made the Finnish project special, that is, second-class atmospheric metal with long songs. The situation is aggravated by the same second-rate sound and this tiresome German type of melodiousness that I am completely fed by. There is already a whole sea of ​​such albums, and I see no reason to buy and even listen to another one. “Nachtig” is made diligently and honestly, but it won't give you a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.

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