52nd part of short reviews.

PERVERSOR – Anticosmocrator
Year of release: 2015
Released by: Hells Headbangers Records
Rating: 8,2 / 10

Chileans PERVERSOR has always been distinguished by an appropriate brevity. While other artists strive to stretch their work for a good hour in order to give the listener even more unnecessary music, PERVERSOR even on full-length albums barely step beyond the half-hour mark. But these half an hour are filled with the proper old metal to the brim. PERVERSOR is not the most intense group on the planet, but very malicious. Each riff and drum kick is in its place and carries a charge of negative energy. Recommended to fans of SARCÓFAGO, MORBOSIDAD, GRAVE DESECRATOR and other bands who do not litter their music with a wall of lead heavy noise.

POSSESSION / SPITE – Passio Christi Part I / (Beyond the) Witch’s Spell
Year of release: 2019
Released by: Invictus Productions
Rating: 7,8 / 10

The Belgian band POSSESSION, whose demo of 2013 was one of the reasons why you are now reading Bagnik Zine, was one of the first bands in the wake of a revived trend for the primeval Black Metal of Death. They never fled to the top but the band developed some kind of its own style (which is unimaginably hard to do in this genre) and occupied its niche. The new split with the American project SPITE contains an absolutely useless introduction and two hard atmospheric tracks that fans of the local LJOSAZABOJSTWA will like for sure. Under the first riff, I just want to growl "Kurwa sviataja...". The SPITE side contains a pretty asshole-sounding thing of its own in the vein of the archaic occult Black Metal a la MORTUARY DRAPE, as well as a cover on the Colombian project MANITÚ unknown to me. Sounds similar to DARKTHRONE. All in all, a wonderful split.

ÚLFARR – Hate & Terror – The Rise of Pure Evil –
Year of release: 2019
Released by: Purity Through Fire
Rating: 4 / 10

This mini-album at first creates a deceptive impression that in England they know how to make Black Metal, and even in the form of proper DARKTHRONE worship. The impression holds until the start of the second song; then everything turns into a funny punkish fuckery continuing until the tragic end. Cumbrian "Black Metal', my ass. Another wannabe crap of the English scene. It's a pity.

TEITANBLOOD – The Baneful Choir
Year of release: 2019
Released by: Norma Evangelium Diaboli
Rating: 8,7 / 10

Initially, I was going to make a big review of the new TEITANBLOOD album, because it's a big event after all, but the news of the band’s drummer creating a project together with Kvarforth The Clown made me reconsider my plans. However, TEITANBLOOD is not only a drummer, but a whole phenomenon, large in every sense. On the new album, the Spaniards show that black metal of this kind can be not only monstrously heavy, poisonous and chaotic, but also quite smart in terms of performance. “The Baneful Choir” is interesting to listen to , not just not just enjoy its destructive effect. Sometimes it even resembles DEATHSPELL OMEGA in its heyday. But the greater thing is the unhealthy guitar solos that make it easy to feel how many vertebrae you have. I definitely recommend it.

SAVAGE MASTER – Myth, Magic and Steel
Year of release: 2019
Released by: Shadow Kingdom Records
Rating: 7 / 10

What kind of Blitz it is without an old good traditional metal? SAVAGE MASTER is a good Heavy with a slight deviation towards Speed, played live in the studio, mastered by Joel Grind and adorned with excellent cover a la CIRITH UNGOL made by CAUCHEMAR's Annick. noteworthy moment is, of course, a frontwoman named Stacy Peak. In the best traditions of metal bands with female vocals, she sings so-so, but her big boobies o not allow to focus on vocals exclusively. Also, she has some of this cool raw energy. Nice and hot sounding album.

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