Review: WEREWOLF – The Legions of TTF

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Werewolf Promotion
Rating: 8,8 / 10

The essence of this compilation of two albums is so simple that I wondered if it was worth reviewing at all. But these things need to be promoted, so keep going. WEREWOLF is a special project of the musicians IUVENES, Berserk and Greywolf, now retired keepers of the old traditions of the Polish extremist scene. IUVENES have worshiped the pagan incarnation of GRAVELAND for almost their entire career, singing proud epic odes to heroism and warrior's valor. However, with WEREWOLF they looked deeper into the past, resurrecting the ghost of the most disruptive and dangerous musical gang in Black Metal history: the Temple of Fullmoon.

The debut album with the unambiguous title "The Temple of Fullmoon" was originally released on No Colours in 2005. Although no lyrics were released, it was clear from the song titles and sound that the album was based on early GRAVELAND recordings. The transformation of a man into a beast, the onset of darkness, nightmarish rituals in the darkness of dense forests - all according to the precepts of “In the Glare of Burning Churches” or “Carpathian Wolves”. There is also a characteristic primitive manner of playing drums, squeaky soulless vocals, ominous synthesizer parts and, in the end, a cold, hazy aura of mystery. The spread of the booklet contained an eloquent dedication to The Temple of Fullmoon, but the musical material itself paid the organization a tribute that many would envy. “The Temple of Fullmoon” confidently stood on a par with the classical works of the Temple, and only a smoother and cleaner sound betrays its young age.

Album "The Order of Vril" was released in 2009. On it, the group turned to esoteric Nazism, without abandoning, however, the habit of scouring the woods in search of fresh Christian blood. The music was based on the same early compositions of GRAVELAND, however, it acquired a solemn, even ceremonial, character. The guitar riffs became a little more melodic and the keyboard passages took on an epic dimension. If I am not mistaken, they even hide the parts of the chorus in themselves, although it may just be skillful playing on the synthesizer. As on the first album, all songs have almost identical character, sound and structure, but this can hardly be called a flaw. WEREWOLF's old-fashioned, grasping riffs work best within this particular musical form. At the same time, the influence of other inspirers of the group began to be felt: FULLMOON, INFERNUM, VELES, LEGION ... These are, perhaps, all the noticeable differences from the debut. Otherwise, the album offers the same: a harsh lump of old Polish Black Metal with an impeccably recreated atmosphere.

The compilation "The Legions of TTF" includes both albums in a two-disc jewel version - that is, the entire discography, since the 2008 split with SEMPER FIDELIS contained two tracks from "The Order of Vril". The artwork is done in strict b / w, using art from the original CDs and cassettes. The texts were not delivered again, only a brief information about the recordings, a mini-manifesto and a dedication to the late Greywolf, who committed suicide in 2009. Details on a video. The collection, of course, must be taken. Even if for some reason you are not interested in the old Polish scene, good Black Metal should interest you, otherwise I don’t understand why you are reading this at all.

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