Review: LJOSAZABOJSTWA – Głoryja śmierci

Year of release: 2020
Released by: Godz of War Productions
Rating: 8,5 / 10

The best of the new Krywian metal bands of recent years continues to move forward with a confident gait, changing nothing globally in its essence, but also not allowing itself to stagnate. 5 years have passed since the release of “Staražytnaje licha”, no matter how terrible it is to admit it. And if the differences between the demo and EP “Sychodžańnie” were less obvious, now, with the release of the full-length album, the vector of development is outlined quite clearly.

The debut release of LJOSAZABOJSTWA combined fast and slow sections in a very simple manner, thus reminding me of ŠMIERCIESLAŬ and BLASPHEMY. The subsequent EP “Sychodžańnie” developed in the slower segments, making them more intense and musically versatile. The fresh album finally gives preference to medium and low tempo.

This is not as unfortunate as it might seem. The slowdown turned the album into an indestructible monolith of the Black Metal of Death, ominously towering over the extreme scene of Belarus in these wonderful and turbulent times. As you know, slowness allows you to consistently focus on each riff, give them weight and significance. In addition, with this approach, it is much easier to make interesting movements in the musical space, knowing that they will not go unnoticed. Morbid solos snake around the basic riffs, and the synthesizer occasionally creates a solemn atmosphere of unholy ritual. When the music accelerates dramatically, it is invariably perceived as an explosion of satanic violence against sacred images and entities. What is happening is reminiscent of the activities of MORTUARY DRAPE, NECROS CHRISTOS or GRAVE MIASMA, however, the sound of LJOSAZABOJSTWA has its own distinct style, which manifested itself already on the first recording. Their all-metal music is simple, powerful and honest. This band cannot be confused with anyone else. Five huge tracks with “Głoryja śmierci” write a pentagram on the Lord's chest in blood and drive a ritual knife in the middle. Maybe it sounds simple, but that's how it is, tough and serious - strike in the throat of Christ!

Polish Godz of War has released a standard jewel album with an 8-page booklet. All texts + art on the spread are present. The lyrics to the album are well rhymed and offer many brutal apocalyptic stories on biblical themes, served in strong expressions. On the inlay, there is band photo, in 3 people line-up. The design of the front cover and back leaves an ambiguous impression: on the one hand, in the spirit of the band, on the other - somehow cheesy... Simpler images on the demo and EP worked better. In addition, the vertical direction of the images seems to indicate their focus on a cassette release, but this was also the case before. Probably just a design trick. Details on a video.


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