Review: FLAMEKEEPER – We Who Light the Fire

Year of release: 2019
Released by: Invictus Productions
Rating: 8,1 / 10

A new project by the Italian Marco S., who is a member of DEMONOMANCY and currently lives in Sweden, working at the Necromorbus studio. I don’t trust Italian metal at all, including that created by Italians who have moved to other countries. Football in Italy is the best, but metal is not their field. However, his stay in Sweden was definitely good for Marco. The music begins to catch on already with a solemn introduction dedicated to all outcasts, loners, vagabonds, free souls and other marginal categories of persons, to which, most likely, the author refers himself. It is not possible to determine its style. It is a mixture of Heavy, Thrash, Speed ​​and Power (in the old sense), enveloped in an aura of extreme metal from the mid-80s. The closest analogue I know is the German band DIABOLIC NIGHT, which does something similar, only with an emphasis on intensity. FLAMEKEEPER, often to the detriment of speed, prefers epic guitar tunes based categorically on old Heavy Metal, rather than BATHORY like in most cases. The guitars are wonderful here; not a single fake note, no sugar. Proper metal of old on all four sides, with cutting edge fragments and good solos that are obligatory in such a situation.

FLAMEKEEPER's music should not be viewed outside of the lyrics. First, the verses on this mini album are excellent even from a purely literary point of view. For several years I have not met such professional, but at the same time heartfelt, texts. Equally important, FLAMEKEEPER is completely devoid of the satanic aspect. FLAMEKEEPER songs are hymns to fanatics who keep a flame that can set the whole world on fire in their hearts. Hymns of spiritual search and struggle. Dare, blaze, fight! They are not tied in a single word to the historical, political or religious context, but those who wish can interpret them at their discretion. The lyrics of the songs carry a powerful charge, which is amplified several times by the corresponding high-flown music. In unison with the rest of the material, there is also a cover of NECROMANTIA's “Ancient Pride”, which brings the line under the album. Music and lyrics fit here like family.

The design was made by Russian artist Artyom Grigoriev, who worked with DO SKONU, VHORTHAX, BAPTISM. In total, it turned out to be a wonderful and original release for true idealists. My recommendations.

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