60th part of short reviews.

HELLSODOMY – Morbid Cult
Year of release: 2019
Released by: Saturnal Records
Rating: 6 / 10

The second album of cheerful Turks, keen on ass fucking in the light of a hellish flame. From a group with such a name and logo, you expect only black trash, filled to overflowing with blasphemy, and the Turks do not deceive expectations. However, the band fails to spark the listener; their music is very fluid, reminiscent of a mixture of NUNSLAUGHTER with early NOCTURNAL GRAVES, but it is best described by the expression “style example”. I have not seen any obsession that is able to draw out works that are weaker in compositional terms. Everything is fine with "Morbid Cult", but I've heard this a thousand times already.


Year of release: 2020
Released by: Saturnal Records
Rating: 6,7 / 10

New album by Finnish anti-Islam group. The group prefers to remain anonymous, but the massive figure in the center of the current promo photo looks like Shatraug, and the musical component increases suspicion. “Infidel” offers modern melodic Black Metal, very similar to the late SARGEIST, only worse. Anti-Islam is an absolutely correct position that deserves all support, but I can never find a connection between the message of the group and its music. Too much sweetness and unnecessary noise.


OCTOBER FALLS – A Fall of an Epoch
Year of release: 2020
Released by: Purity Through Fire
Rating: 5,4 / 10

This is my first acquaintance with the famous Finnish project, and I was already ready to consider it a waste of time, because the album turned out to be an "atmospherick" from the Chamber of Weights and Measures: riffs made according to the principle of least resistance, mediocre hysterical performance and the "atmosphere" that does not refer to anything at all except aerial castles. This was made thousand - no, billion! - times by other equally useless bands. However, the album helped me to understand something: why I do not digest most of the releases of Purity Through Fire and 90% of atmospheric metal. It's about the same guitar tone, this nasty, splintered rattling that is used by pretentious dreamers everywhere and anywhere. Can't they hear that they sound exactly the same?


CULT OF ERINYES – Æstivation
Year of release: 2019
Released by: Amor Fati Productions
Rating: 5,8 / 10

I remember quite well the first EP of the Belgians CULT OF ERINYES. It was a very ambitious and advanced release by the standards of 2010, filled with MAYHEM-like venom. Since then I have not listened to the group, but now I found out that it has changed for the worse. The ambitions remained the same: the Belgians moved somewhere in the direction of their compatriots ANCIENT MOON, but they failed to chew the piece they had grabbed. The poor performance ruined a good idea. The sound is almost unbearable due to the ineptly created spatial effect, and the few good riffs are difficult to hear over the incessantly screaming vocals, which in addition rob the music of the otherworldly atmosphere. Hope no one there shit their pants, screaming like idiot.


TEMPLE OF VOID – The World That Was
Year of release: 2020
Released by: Shadow Kingdom Records
Rating: 6 / 10

Passable American Death Doom Metal in the vein of HOODED MENACE and ASPHYX, which suddenly came out on Shadow Kingdom. There is only one problem - it is too smooth. The sound is slippery and the vocals are even worse. The vocalist of ACID WITCH growls here, who actually does not growl at all - his voice resembles a drawn-out low croak, again, very smooth. Therefore, the weight of TEMPLE OF VOID music looks imaginary: outside is iron, but inside is mucus that leaks from every crack.


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