Review: CIANIDE – Unhumanized

Year of release: 2019
Released by: Hells Headbangers Records
Rating: 8,8 / 10

The stern grandpas from CIANIDE have been piling up their Old Believer Death Metal for more than 30 years without schedules, contracts and line-up changes. Of the three members of the group, two of the founders are still in the ranks, and the drummer has been playing with them since 1995. CIANIDE perform live only on major holidays and go to the studio even less ofter, but they manage not only not to lose their enthusiasm, but also get hotter every year.

When I listened to CIANIDE for the last time (the album “Gods of Death” about 5-6 years ago), I was not particularly impressed, because at that moment I wasn't set on this type of music. My eyes opened after watching the DVD “Hells Headbash Vol. 2 ”. CIANIDE's performance, first of all, stood out with a FUCKING HEAVY guitar sound, and secondly, the brutal power of the performance. So I greeted the EP "Unhumanized" with open arms, and the band did not disappoint.

CIANIDE is rightly compared to the reinforced concrete Death Doom Metal monsters such as ASPHYX, COFFINS, WINTER, etc. Their music is also built on basic, rough riffs referencing HELLHAMMER and CELTIC FROST. However, the CIANIDE feature is that they rarely use a slow tempo, although they cope with it quite confidently. Their strong point is fast (by style standards) songs, in which Frost's clear fragmentation is combined with the tempo of the work of an experienced butcher and above-mentioned viscous, ultra-heavy guitar tone. With each strike on the strings, you feel as if you are being sucked into a swamp of liquid lead. The cave roar of a pot-bellied guy with a shaggy beard and a soulful name Mike Perun finally kills you. He sounds exactly the way a person with his charisma should sound. In general, CIANIDE as a whole is 100% American Death Metal, and I say it in a good way. Iron and testosterone. Against the power of CIANIDE, even big Florida masters of old school wetting their pants, and it's simply a shame to remember the modern wave of wimpy faggots in lurid deathcore merch while listening to these ruthless sounds. Poison!


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