Review: SIX FEET UNDER – Nightmares of the Decomposed

Year of release: 2020
Released by: Metal Blade Records
Rating: 2,3 / 10

Unbelievable! They did it again!

I mean, they made me write about themselves/ After the tormenting “Torment” I swore to ignore SIX FEET UNDER for good. The collection of discs, as promised at the end of the review, was eventually sold, leaving only “Graveyard Classics 2”, which for some reason I love. I did not hear anything new from them. But I forgot to unsubscribe from the topic about the group on Funkysouls, came across a promo track, and away we go ...

They succeeded - they made an even more ridiculous fecal castle than "Torment". “Torment” was a gray, dull, mediocre album, but “Nightmares of the Decomposed” is a new bottom. It is bad even as a parody of Death Metal. I understand that Metal Blade is bad label when it comes to ideology, they sign all types of miserable faggots and support criminal negro scum. But these businessmen must have at least some self-respect. It seems like Metal Blade is thinking that their buyers are degenerates like Chris Barnes himself. However, they still have some shame, since their actions to promote the album resemble the peasant attempts of the Lukashist media: let's pour a bucket of liquid shit on YouTube and disable the comments section, because we are afraid to know what people will think about it. But on the official Facebook, this trick won't work, and even omnivorous Latin Americans noted how fucked up these new tracks are.

It takes a more developed literary talent than mine to describe how monstrous this album is. It's just shit. Bullshit. Extremely hilarious. The songs are, no doubt, composed by a bunch of idiots, that's how moronic they are. Barnes' groaning is no different from the sounds that half-dead old people make, trying to fart. When he tries to scream, it sounds like the most stupid thing in the world. The material is played and mixed quite sloppy, and coupled with licked sound, it creates the effect of a one-eyed leper dwarf dressed in a new wedding dress. The only bright spot was expectedly the work of Jack Owen. However, against the backdrop of his mastery of quick play and good solos, everything else looks even worse. I have no idea why a man of such outstanding talents climbed into this sump.

It remains to be hoped that the album will become a deafening commercial failure, and Metal Blade will finally send Barnes to his squatting buddies to smoke off the remnants of brain matter adhered to the inner part of the skull. Digipak, two-disc box, 6 versions of colored LP - are you serious? Shame and disgrace on those who buy this fucking garbage.


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