Review: ISENGARD – Vårjevndøgn

Year of release: 2020
Released by: Peaceville Records
Rating: 5,6 / 10

I guess, I'll put in my five cents about the most discussed metal release of the last days. As you have probably noticed, the attitude towards the unexpected “Vårjevndøgn” is divided into three categories: 1) shit and fraud; 2) fraud, but not shit, since music is good; 3) Fenriz is god!!1 aaarrrrgh true metal cult!!11 Carriers of opinion from the third category can be immediately swept aside, because these fools will lick vomit from the floor if it will resemble another "cool" and "funny" grimace of Fenriz. As for the two remaining options, I stand somewhere in the middle. And although I'm inclined to the first option, the album still needs to be judged soberly

So, “Vårjevndøgn” is really a fraud. Moreover, very cynical fraud. This album has nothing in common with “Vinterskugge” and “Høstmørke”. After “Traditional Doom Cult,” however, it was expected. Material, written from 1989 to 1993, represents Fenriz's attempts to play doom and a bit of grindcore. The archivists know that ISENGARD was once called PILIGRIM SANDS, and some of the doom material written for this project ended up on split with NATTEFROST on behalf of FENRIZ ’RED PLANET. However, the split did not sell well, so to speak, and therefore it was decided to release the rest of the material today not even as PILIGRIM SANDS, but as ISENGARD.

Of course, doom was an integral part of ISENGARD, and that relieves some of Fenriz's responsibility. Besides, I believe that a musician is free to do whatever he pleases with his projects. However, these recordings were not released in the 90s or 2000s for a reason. Fenriz can today call “Vinterskugge” and “Høstmørke” crap as much as he wants, but the fact remains: in the minds of the listeners, ISENGARD is presented by proud Nordic hymns. There was something sublime in that music, and to this day it remains unique, not repeated by anyone. ISENGARD has taken shape as an integral and complete phenomenon. “Vårjevndøgn” is something a hundred times less peculiar, totally different in spirit and essence. Someone may now start pointing the finger at BURZUM, but such a parallel is absolutely inappropriate. BURZUM, whether it be early metal or posthumous ambient release, is essentially the same, only brightened over the years. The evolution of DARKTHRONE has been stretched out over time, so it is not perceived as some kind of sudden change. But ISENGARD we know and these dusty songs are just different musical and spiritual entities. If “Vårjevndøgn” was a compilation (and taking into account the variation in the age and sound of the songs, it is) it would be easier to get into the situation. But since this is presented as a full-length album, the standards are different.

Так что же с песнями, хорошие ли они? Хуй их знает. Звук – точно хороший, просто восхитительный. Четыре культовые дорожки Necrohell во всей мертвенной красоте. И мастеринг без зашкала. Песни… отдельные куски действительно хороши, всё-таки Фенриз – талантливый музыкант. Непредвзятые фанаты классического дума обязательно оценят. Однако не покидает ощущение, что эта солянка из BLACK SABBATH, DANZIG, HELLHAMMER и прочего “культового”  метала делалась просто ради забавы, потому что так оно и было. Происходящее порой трудно воспринимать всерьёз. Фенриз сам для себя поизображал своих кумиров, удовлетворился, бросил записи на полку, а теперь решил издать. Возвращаясь к упомянутой выше проблеме, “Traditional Doom Cult” не обладает качествами полноформатного альбома. В нём нет цельности и последовательности. Песни, как правило, похожи по стилю и звучанию, однако их внутренние различия слишком велики. Из общей думовой массы выдаются “Rockemillion” (толковый развесёлый панк / грайндкор) и отвратительная баллада “The Solar Winds Mantra”. Короче, ценность всей музыки на альбоме (помимо архивной) вызывает у меня большие сомнения. Ешё один маленький её плюсик в том, что она помогает понять, откуда растут ноги у перемен в звучании DARKTHRONE. Так или иначе, покупать это я не буду, и ассоциировать с ISENGARD тоже. Надеюсь, продажи альбома окажутся невысокими, иначе есть риск, что Фенриз найдёт за комодом пару десятков записей своего пердежа в 1988-ом, демо-версию репетиции “Transilvanian Hunger” и 500 копий ножа, которым он сам хотел убить Euronymous’а, но не успел.

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