Review: BLOOD STRONGHOLD – Spectres of Bloodshed

Year of release: 2020
Released by: Putrid Cult
Rating: 8,2 / 10

Once again, Nightwolf making wonders. Releasing several records annually within the framework of two projects and constantly playing music that almost does not deviate from the initially chosen style, he continues to maintain the highest level. “Specters of Bloodshed” is seven more hymns to paganism, ancient ideals, wolf blood. I think I managed to catch the difference between BLOOD STRONGHOLD and RUNESPELL: the first one is less warlike. Its songs are imbued with nostalgia, filled with images of bygone eras, emotional and spiritual experiences. With each release, BLOOD STRONGHOLD pays more and more attention to the melodic component. On “Specters of Bloodshed” there is practically nothing left of GRAVELAND, although a few years ago everything in Nightwolf's music loudly echoed the Polish Cult. And this is a good trend, I can tell you, because behind those few layers of guitars that tirelessly shape flowing songs, there is vast scope for feeling, thinking and imagining. BLOOD STRONGHOLD music, as they say, is "evocative". And at the same time just interesting to listen to: Nightwolf's inexhaustible talent generates catchy riffs in batches.

Some changes in the sound are observed. The sound became quieter and more diffused. The vocals have also changed, or rather, their processing. Distortion has become less, and now we can listen to Nightwolf's wheezing in a clear form. I haven’t decided yet whether it’s better or worse. At least half of the texts are now understandable. Also I'd note that BLOOD STRONGHOLD has practically transformed into an openly Eastern European project, and it doesn't matter that Nightwolf lives in Australia. The previous release featured the song “Luperkalia (Ritual of Lutyj Zvier), and here we can find a thing named "From the Depths of Veles Sea". I think Vened will soon take over the baton from Nightwolf and sing something about CZARNE WILKI POGAŃSKICH LASÓWA. And this will be a logical development, because BLOOD STRONGHOLD is a more polish project in its soul than half of the bands living in Poland since birth.

Enough talk - buy or die!


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