Review: WITCHTRAP – Evil Strikes Again

Year of release: 2020
Released by: Hells Headbangers Records
Rating: 9 / 10

As usual, I should remind you that WITCHTRAP is one of the best thrash bands in the world today, and when you heard their music at least once, you will never call some commercial wankery like modern DESTRUCTION, OVERKILL, ONSLAUGHT, EXODUS or TESTAMENT thrash metal again. Although WITCHTRAP are far from being young, they only get better with age. On my personal thrash pedestal, they share the top spots with SODOM and DEATHHAMMER. Perhaps the Colombians are losing to the Germans and Norwegians in some way, but they are ahead of them in terms of stability and quality. Since 2000, WITCHTRAP has not recorded a single bad release. Their music doesn’t change, but that’s exactly what it’s about: to remain old, proper and solid metal and. Those who like to groan about stagnation and the need for development are better off shut up; It's easy to cover your exhausted fantasy with ten layers of keyboard noise and a bunch of guitar tracks, but 5 albums worth of cool riffs? WITCHTRAP has an innate metal talent. They don't need tinsel. Fuck your five-minute long intros and pathos, they swaye on their heels and gallop!

I can hardly add anything to the description of “Evil Strikes Again” that I haven’t said before. The only difference from the previous album is that on the new one I did not find any flaws at all. As usual, this is thrash metal based on early KREATOR and RAZOR, with vocals practically repeating Petrozza and good old-fashioned lyrics about all kinds of devilry and metal. Yes, they say in plain text: "I’ve been dealing with Satan... and I owe it to metal". Speeds are consistently high, guitars cut air, pardon the pun, like a razor. Riffs build up dangerous pressure, only occasionally allowing the listener to rest for a few seconds. At the same time, there are no excesses and alien elements in WITCHTRAP's music. Undoubtedly, Colombians could successfully play blast beats and enter Black Metal territory, but they don't need it. Their trash is pure as a tear. Hells Headbangers prove they know a lot about music by continuing to support WITCHTRAP, even though their album sales are definitely not overwhelming. Soon we will try to trade a new album for Possession distro, be sure to pay attention. If you don't want to wait, get it straight from the publisher, the shipping from Hells Headbangers is ridiculously cheap.


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