Review: BAXAXAXA – Old Evil

Year of release: 2019
Released by: self-release / Iron Bonehead Productions (this version)
Rating: 8,3 / 10

It so happened that I listened to this recording right after writing a review of the new-old ISENGARD. Then I wondered: why the fuck do we need this ISENGARD when we have such releases?

In my mind, the band BAXAXAXA is associated with the infamous demo of WOODS OF BELIAL, therefore there is a feeling that this is something familiar for a long time. In fact, BAXAXAXA was formed back in 1992 as a parallel project of UNGOD members. UNGOD, in my opinion, is a rather boring band, but it has a historic achievement in the form of the first full-length Black Metal album from Germany. UNGOD, having taken a short break in the early 2000s, are still engaged in black deeds, living in the underground, and BAXAXAXA disappeared immediately after the release of the demo “Hellfire” in 1992. “Hellfire” is a delightful record in every respect, be sure to pay attention to it by listening, for example, on Bandcamp.

BAXAXAXA showed no signs of life until 2017. Then a couple of nostalgic concerts took place, and in 2019 the group suddenly released cassettes with the second demo which you are reading about right now. It was immediately picked up by Iron Bonehead, who released all of the band's material on CD and LP. Returning to ever-memorable ISENGARD new album, I cannot but note that the compilation of dusty poops from Fenriz' ass in all respects loses to the new demo of the Germans. ISENGARD records are really old, but this is their only serious merit. BAXAXAXA record is formally new, but it shows how old evil should be resurrected. Exactly like this, but not in the form of clumsy BLACK SABBATH tributes. The German demo is deeply ancient in all directions, from sound to aesthetics. Analog recording, eerie design, absolute darkness in the lyrics and, of course, archaic, primitive Black Metal with keys, created according to the precepts of SAMAEL. Now practically no one plays like that. Since the release of MOENEN OF XEZBETH's stunning “Dawn of Morbid Sorcery”, I have not seen anything like it. The demo of the Belgians was almost flawless, the Germans are only a bit worse. Mainly because of the vocals, which are good but too “humane”. But that shouldn't stop anyone. The release is truly outstanding - Old Evil as it is! I don’t know if the band is going to record a full-length album, but I will definitely not refuse to grab it will have the same style. What else is there to do if the younger generation of German Black Metal is playing sterile shit?


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