Review: SEVEROTH – Vsesvit

Year of release: 2020
Released by: Avantgarde Music
Rating: 8,7 / 10

SEVEROTH has moved to a new level, with which I congratulate him. I think the long-term cooperation with Werewolf Promotion ended partly because of the Ukrainian's desire to try himself in a new environment, and partly because of the musical content of “Vsesvit”, which does not quite fit into the framework of the Polish label. SEVEROTH is making its debut on Avantgarde Music, which is quite logical turn of event, since old man Roberto is a specialist when it comes to releasing such music.

The main intrigue before the release of the new album was how much SEVEROTH's sound would change. The first three albums of the project were almost a solid monolith, the fourth added richest arrangements to the foundations of SEVEROTH's music. One could guess about the fifth album. I put on the deepening of the folklore component, and some of my acquaintances claimed that SEVEROTH would begin to move towards the post-something-whatever-it-was, and in the end they were not mistaken. On “Vsesvit”, from the once powerful influence of BURZUM, only filosofem-ish transcendence remained, but it is also presented through the prism of other influences. The main reference point for the new album is undoubtedly SAOR. SEVEROTH took over a lot of creative techniques from the Scotsman, reworked them in accordance with Ukrainian traditions and put them into action already on the starting song, “Вище неба”. The upbeat notes that slip through from time to time are unusual, but interesting. For complete harmony, it lacks only the leading part of some folk instrument. Even clean vocals have appeared, and I still can't decide if it's good or not. Peculiar - that's for sure. 

The second reference (perhaps just a coincidence) is VEMOD. “Vsesvit” very similarly conveys the image of echoing landscapes under the dark blue night sky, which was incredibly faithfully drawn by the Norwegians in 2012. With guitars pushed back in the mix, SEVEROTH creates a vibrant sonic space of cool and sublime beauty. The picture of this Universe is completed by special keyboards that light up myriads of stars in the sky.

The lyrics of the album are surprisingly simple compared to the music - classical poetry, no more no less. On spring, the Carpathians, a little about the personal and spiritual. Written really well. And now, listening to the album once again, I understand: this is the best work of SEVEROTH in the entire history of the project. To some, he may seem too "post", but SEVEROTH has not lost what distinguishes metal from a senseless mess: riffs. And the riffs are stronger here than ever, especially when taken in total. Not a single filler song, not the slightest sign of bad taste, no excesses, except, probably, a couple of dull minutes on “Порожнеча”. Again, doubts remain about the parts of clean vocals, but there are not so many of them to spoil the impression of the whole album. Turn on “Vsesvit” and turn your eyes to the stars.


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