Review: MAYHEMIC – Mortuary Feast of Skeletons

Year of release: 2019
Released by: Awakening Records
Rating: 8,5 / 10

I keep repeating that metal from Chile is always great. Also because such timeless specimens are very often found there There's a lot of bands playing in the spirit of 80s. There are few bands playing as in the 80s. And there are almost no bands who exist in the 80s, so each and every one of them costs more than gold. MAYHEMIC is one of them. These are guys under the age of 25, wildly fanatical about the old villainous thrash metal, living in the spirit of an unforgettable era. In 2021 A.D., young Chileans managed to pick up catchy, non-trivial and old-school name for the group (believe me, other than them, the largest resources about metal do not know any bands called MAYHEMIC! though there are all sorts of MAYHEM), and this is already an achievement. Then they recorded a demo on their own, and soon this EP with a canonically idiotic title, which I managed to miss, although I marinated it in my own distro for about six months. Now I have to listen to the fucking promo mp3.

MAYHEMIC's secret is that there is no secret. They just slice the right thrash metal at the fastest speed possible and heartily. The vinyl cover you see above hints at SODOM, but in reality you can hear a completely frenzied follow-up to “Pleasure to Kill” in riffs and vocals. The familiar violent manner of performance, where the instruments literally push each other away, trying to bring down the maximum load on the listener, prevails over everything. Mid-tempo snippets for audience respite / swing are discarded with contempt - no mercy! Literally every riff and chord is riddled with aggression. The old stamp "loose your head" becomes appropriate here, because this is exactly what will happen to those who try to shake the heads for only 12 and a half minutes, which EP takes. The title track is a clear hit with a catchy refrain: “THE LIVING DEAD; IT’S TOO MUCH FOR YOUR EYES / AND YOU KNOW WHAT COMES - YOU WILL DIE ”. Sheer delight. They have arrived, and the small evil army of proper Thrash Metal is now stronger. Listen and bang your fucking head.


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