Review: SACRILEGIOUS PROFANITY – Genocide Rituals

Year of release: 2020
Released by: self-release
Rating: 7,5 / 10

As the readers of Bagnik Zine should know, SACRILEGIOUS PROFANITY is the brainchild of the well-known Goat Worshiper, an honorary Satanist, weightlifter and court soundman of the Niemaracz Clan. SP has been around for almost 15 years, but the result is still humble: a couple of demo albums and a single. Apparently “Genocide Rituals” was postponed due to being busy with GOAT TERROR, DOOMSLAUGHTER and GOATHORNED.

It is curious that SACRILEGIOUS PROFANITY, in spite of the creator's pseudonym and his track record, isn't "goat metal" at all. We are dealing with rather traditional Black Metal in terms of spirit and lyrical content, which, however, has a peculiar character. For example, it contains inclusions of Death Metal. Not an indissoluble bundle familiar to a modern listener, but namely inclusions; the instruments seem to switch to another mode and start playing Death Metal, and then just as easily switch back. Further, the very manner of performance very rarely evokes any associations. It is generally quite strange, usually such movements stem from the inability to play. But since this is clearly not the case, I will assume that this is an idea or part of the author's style. Moreover, the situation is also constantly changing: rarely does anyone play guitars like in “Necroritual of Immortality” - this shred sounds unusual by itself, but you also need to take into account that the drums are pushed far in the mix and contrast with the guitars by their deafness, plus not playing in unison. This is best seen during slow sections and creates a very uncomfortable musical scene. However, as soon as the music accelerates and turns into a blast, everything suddenly becomes perfectly smooth. Ritual mysticism!

In more traditional segments, music is divided in melodic tremolo riffs characteristic of our latitudes and what I would call the influence of INQUISITION. Sometimes it seems obvious, sometimes veiled, but I'm sure not accidental. Pieces like the beginning of “Zodiac Sign of Apocalypse” sound too much American. And the lyrics all the more follow their path, telling a colorful story about various unholy rituals, which ends with a universal apocalypse and the image of a bottomless void awaiting the birth of some new force. However, in the figurative and aesthetic plan there is nothing in common between SACRILEGIOUS PROFANITY and INQUISITION. Despite the cover, there is nothing natural / chthonic here either. Music did not evoke any intelligible pictures in my head - there is only death and darkness.

An interesting point related to “Genocide Rituals”: this time G.W. decided not to do everything by himself. The keyboards were performed by T.D., partner in GOATHORNED and DOOMSLAUGHTER, and Nihilation from ŁATANU took over the vocals. Only in the track “Worlds Devoured” G.W. is singing himself, because, as far as I understand, it was not re-recorded, but taken from the 2018 single and re-mixed. For Nihilation, this release was the first studio work where he recorded growling vocals, and he did it perfectly. The moments with the transitions from scream to roar turned out to be very powerful.

At the moment the album (and I think that this is exactly the album, since 45 minutes is too much for a demo) is available only on self-released cassettes and in digital form. The CD will be out soon on War Against Yourself. The tabs for the cassettes, although made at home, look great - an even and austere design, all the texts, good printing, a satanicwarmaster-font on the side. The cassettes come with stickers. In the box you will also find a piece of paper with the band's logo and an insert with the Bandcamp download code. Details on a video. The cassettes are officially available at Possession Productions., and there is not that many left to wait until other people buy them all for good.

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