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APOKALYPTIC RAIDS – The Third Storm – World War III
Year of release: 2005
Released by: Hells Headbangers (this version)
Rating: 7,5 / 10

It is hardly necessary to suggest whose worshippers these Brazilians are. Even if you, dear reader, heard metal only yesterday, and it was performed by UADA or some shit, the HELLHAMMER cover in the second half of the first track will clarify everything. The Brazilians are doing what Tom Fischer and his comrades, according to many, should have done their entire career - they play proper metal close to the sound of "Morbid Tales". Unlike the slightly fake WARHAMMER, another fanatics on the other side of the ocean, APOKALYPTIC RAIDS have both undoubtful faith and execution. They play strictly in the key of HELLHAMMER / CELTIC FROST, but at the same time moderately peculiar. That is, really developing Fischer's legendary endeavors, rather than reworking them. And in the right direction! There is a song called “Manifesto of Political Incorrectness”, where the group clearly denotes a list of the true values ​​of “men in metal”. Where is your Fischer with his butthurt caused by harmless phrases like "bass isn't female instrument"? Ha! I recommend APOKALYPTIC RAIDS to you, unambiguously and undoubtedly.

WITCHING HOUR – Where Pale Winds Take Them High…
Year of release: 2014
Released by: Sun & Moon Records (this version)
Rating: 6,6 / 10

The Romanians Sun & Moon have re-released the 2014 EP from the Germans WITCHING HOUR, turning it into a giant collection of curiosities. The band plays melodic heavy thrash metal with a satanic flavor, popular in German underground circles (see NOCTURNAL, DESASTER, etc.). I don't really like this kind of music - on the one hand, the men play honestly and cheerfully, but on the other, it's too melodic. All in all, you can listen to the EP as such from time to time, but it is difficult to keep up with the version that Sun & Moon offers. In addition to six songs from the original recording, the disc contains a 2007 demo, tracks from an old split and three additional covers. Total 17 tracks, 68 minutes. And in this case it is VERY much. All the bonus material is not bad, but you need to listen to such intense music for a maximum of 30 minutes, otherwise you get tired. Shortly after the start of the demo, I had only one thought in my head: "For crying out loud, are they going to stop this or what?". Maybe this reissue is convenient from the point of view of collection, but it's better to listen to it in small doses.


KRUSHHAMMER – Speed Blacking Hell
Year of release: 2019
Released by: Helldprod (this version)
Rating: 6 / 10

Portuguese publisher Helldprod continues to push his agenda, offering another cassette of filthy satanic thrash metal. This time, Brazilian perverts KRUSHHAMMER were lucky; they belched four tracks - not the most fastest and impressive to be honest. The song “Deathhammer” seems to be hinting, but against the Norwegians, these guys look like old drunken turtles. Maybe everything is still ahead of them. They have enough anger, the rest will come. Or not.


MÚSPELLZHEIMR – Múspellzheimr
Year of release: 2020
Released by: Amor Fati Productions
Rating: 6,7 / 10

Again I attempted to comprehend the MÚSPELLZHEIMR phenomenon, and again I failed. Yes, the project is serious, no doubt about it, but what is there to listen to? On the current self-titled album, MÚSPELLZHEIMR got out of the Nordic forests and went to bask somewhere in the direction of ONDSKAPT and DEATHSPELL OMEGA, filling the sound space with discordant chaotic riffs and solemn synths. Of course, the atmosphere turned out to be truly infernal, and this is downright perfect Black Metal sound. But the question remains the same - what's here to listen to? Half of the material is completely unmanageable, another part does not lead anywhere, and only the remaining third helps the album not to turn into a mess. I had a similar experience when listening to PAYSAGE D'HIVER. Yeah, the guy is playing something, tries hard, but what for? I guess I haven't reached enlightenment yet to understand that.


VRITRAHN-WERWOLF – Vritrahn​-​Werwolf
Year of release: 2021
Released by: Werewolf Records
Rating: 6 / 10

From the joint debut of two well-known Finns, I expected something of THE TRUE WERWOLF level, but I got, by and large, nothing. It reminded me of some of the ABSURD albums after the band's revival without Möbus, the dullest one. All in all, this is a project similar to TTW, only more serious in terms of themes - here we have either blasphemy or sublime things. But it's worse. The sound is more angry and poor (stripped-down, as they in England), the songs are kind of tired. Moreover, it is felt that they could be much better. Again, there are melodic fragments, synths, blast beats, and arrogant riffs in the vein of old thrash and black thrash, but all this is much worse than THE TRUE WEREWOLF or SATANIC WARMASTER. Sometimes the musicians throw wood into the firebox, and everything starts to boil, but this rarely happens. The album does the basic task, and that's it. It's good while you listen to it, and you forget it when it ends. I expected more from Werwolf.

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