Having finally got my hands on the CD version of NYOGHTAEBLISZ's debut album “Abrahamic Godhead Besieged by Adversarial Usurpation”, I am sharing with you the American sonic terrorist manifesto, which is featured on the first page of this booklet. Why? Because it's interesting.

The Holy War begins!

Embedded within the instinctual nature of Daemonic Man is the Law of Sinister Numen - an innate bloodlust for adversarial revolt against countless centuries of divine ignominy and archontic spiritual enslavement. From the Void Singularity a panpsychic transmission vibrates within the collective aeonic mind-grid calculating the merciless upheaval of inferior societal foundations, violent dismantling of manipulative religio-political institutions, and the complete temproal / spiritual destruction of all mundane creatures infected by the parasitic Tetragrammaton Simulation:


The Dark Solar formulae encoded withing Daemonic Man's alien genetics activates and the sinistral predatory fores rage furiously, eradicating all illusory utopian moral and ethical constructs. Its Sorathic Rays cremate the detritus of the World Manipulators' usurped ideals, failed doctrines and obsolete metaphysical systems. For it is here, upon the vanquished remnants of the eternal enemy, that in a single utterance the primordial Satanic Archetype nullifies the "holy" ordering principle of the Jehovian Godhead Program and retols only the chaotic singularity of its own Infernal Daemonic Being:


The Planetary Logos and Demiurgic Matrix is breached; the chao-nexion opens and Dark Force Occupation begins.

Choose or perish - the Sinister Dialectic begets the War of the Sons of Negative Light agains the Sons of White Darkness!

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